Industrial fans

We provide tailor-made and designed centrifugal fans for our customers' processes. The fans are manufactured and tested in our factory in Kouvola, which guarantees high quality. We manufacture fans also from special materials, such as duplex steels.

Our customers include ie.:

  • power plants
  • heating plants
  • wood processing industry
  • pulp and paper industry
  • chemical industry
  • metal industry
  • steel mills
  • mines
  • food industry

Centrifugal fans:

  • motor power 1,5 – 1500 kW
  • flow 0,1 – 200 m³/s
  • max. total pressure 35 000 Pa
  • max. gas temperature +500 °C

We are happy to help you selecting the right fan. The fans are dimensioned, designed and manufactured to our customers' needs. Contact our sales department and ask for a quote!

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