Effective emission control from Kouvola to the whole of Finland

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Emission management is Dust Control Systems Oy's expertise. We supply first-class emission control systems from Kouvola for the needs of the entire Finnish industry.

We represent LUEHR FILTER GmbH's emission control systems and products for very demanding needs. If you want state-of-the-art emission control products for your company, contact our team in Kouvola.

We provide you with products that best serve the needs of your company. Feel free to ask for more or ask for a quote!

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LUEHR FILTER's products for industrial use

Industrial plants around the world use LUEHR FILTER’s products with 80 years of experience. These high-quality emission control systems are used by:

  • Combustion plants and energy production

  • Crematoria

  • Steel industry

  • Foundries

  • Production of nonferrous metals

  • Cement industry

  • Ceramics industry

  • Glass industry

  • Mines and the mining industry.

Reliable emission control

LLUEHR FILTER GmbH's emission control products are German quality products that are a result of decades of product development. Our company has solid domestic expertise in emission control, so we will reliably guide you in choosing the right product and system.

If you want more extensive changes to the emissions and cost efficiency of your industrial plant, have a look at our plant modernisation services. We help with small and large emissions-related changes.

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