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Mikko Ylijoutsijrävi strengthens DCS's service activities


Our customers get even more on-site help


Mikko Ylijoutsijrävi continues working in product maintenance and commissioning tasks at DCS after a break of a couple of years. Mikko has very extensive and in-depth knowledge of product structure and function.


"Mikko is an important expert in actively developing products and achieving real quality, analysing and bringing feedback from the entire life cycle from manufacturing to the requirements of the life cycle and conditions," says Ilkka Korhonen, Solution Specialist about Ylijoutsijärvi.


Service Engineer Ylijoutsijärvi has more than ten years of experience in industrial fans and flue gas cleaners, solid experience in fan vibration measurements, condition surveys, maintenance planning and implementation. Mikko Ylijoutsijrävi leads the maintenance team.


Mikko can be reached at + 358 44 730 8113 and by e-mail firstname.lastname(at)


Do not hesitate to contact us in matters related to the maintenance and condition assessment of your devices!



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