Heljä Korkeala has joined the DCS sales team

Striving to meet our customers' needs even better


In addition to her sales skills and networking abilities, Heljä brings strong electrical and measurement technology know-how to DCS. Heljä has a BA in electrical and radio engineering at the University of Oulu and decades of work experience in technical sales with electrical equipment.


"There is continuous electrification and an increase in digitization, e.g. through IOT solutions in the DCS market. The energy revolution contains plenty of opportunities for new ways of utilizing electrical technology. We strive to respond nimbly to the changing needs of our customers," CEO Tapani Stipa says.


Heljä can be reached at +358 44 730 8114, by email firstname.surname(at)dcs.fi and at various events and fairs where DCS is an exhibitor.


Our sales team You can reach the best:

  • from number +358 44 730 8110
  • by e-mail sales(at)dcs.fi



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