Enhanced capabilities for tailored industrial fans and compressors


DCS, the leading Finnish manufacturer of industrial fans and compressors, has invested in in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics to meet the increasing demand for customized solutions.


DCS delivers customized solutions for critical processes

DCS has been offering the most durable and reliable industrial fans and compressors in the Finnish market for 40 years. Based on a strong understanding of the fan manufacturing as well as of the needs of its customers, DCS has developed a product portfolio that can be mass customized to suit various applications and specifications.

Industrial fans and compressors are crucial in ensuring the functioning of the critical processes in the customers’ plants. These processes often require fans and compressors that can operate at high pressure, high volume, high efficiency or with unconventional gas mixtures. As the customers’ needs in the industrial fan segment become ever more sophisticated and diverse, DCS responds by further enhancing its design capabilities.


DCS invests in in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics

DCS has recently acquired in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capabilities, which enable it to simulate and optimize the fluid flow and performance of its fans and compressors. CFD is a powerful tool that can reduce the need for physical testing, shorten the design cycle and improve the quality and accuracy of the final product.

With the in-house CFD capabilities, DCS is now able to engineer, manufacture, deliver and commission fans and compressors that meet the most challenging and specific requirements of its customers. DCS can also offer its customers a comprehensive service package, including installation, maintenance, repair and retrofitting of its products.


DCS is committed to customer satisfaction and innovation

DCS is proud to be the trusted partner of many industrial sectors, such as pulp and paper, mining, chemical, power generation, waste management and environmental protection. DCS is committed to providing its customers with the best solutions for their needs, and to continuously improving its products and services.

DCS is also dedicated to innovation and sustainability and strives to reduce the environmental impact of its products and operations. DCS follows the highest standards of quality, safety and ethics in its business practices.


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