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DCS customer satisfaction - results of the survey

Customer satisfaction - great at polling Net Promoter Score result


July 3, 2023


DCS Ltd., a leading provider of dust control solutions, is pleased to announce its excellent result in a recent customer satisfaction survey. The purpose of the survey was to measure customer satisfaction with DCS's services and products, and the results are particularly encouraging.


DCS commissioned Solmia Ltd. to conduct a survey, and the number of respondents on the eve of the summer holidays totaled more than 50. The key measure of the survey was the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which reflects the probability of customer recommendation on a scale between -100 and +100. The NPS result obtained by DCS rose to 60, which indicates strong customer satisfaction and the willingness of customers to recommend the company's services to others.


DCS is pleased with the result achieved, which reflects the company's continued commitment to high-quality dust control solutions and meeting customer needs. Based on the NPS result, customers are satisfied with the services and products offered by DCS, which is a great incentive for the company to continue developing the best possible solutions.


DCS's NPS score of 60 significantly exceeds the industry average. This reinforces DCS's position as the market leader in dust control solutions and we are proud that customers continue to trust and recommend the company.


DCS sincerely thanks all its customers who participated in the survey and shared their valuable feedback. DCS is committed to continuing to develop its operations to meet customers' needs and expectations even better.


More information:

Tapani Stipa, CEO
Dust Control Systems Ltd.
tel.: +358 44 730 8102



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