DCS becomes a member of Hydrogen Valley Finland

Cooperation between companies and the public sector is appropriate


DCS has joined Hydrogen Valley Finland as a member. It is a cooperative organization promoting the hydrogen economy, which was founded by the city of Lappeenranta, regional development companies (Cursor Ltd., Kouvola Innovation Ltd., Business Joensuu Ltd., Imatran Kehy Ltd.) and LUT University. The aim of the association is to promote the production of renewable energy and green hydrogen and to create opportunities for new industrial growth in Eastern and Southeastern Finland.


The foundation of registered association Hydrogen Valley Finland is based on a study by LUT University, which shows that Eastern and Southeastern Finland has a huge production potential of renewable energy and green hydrogen. In the area, the amount of clean fuels equivalent to the transport fuels of the whole of Finland could be produced. The joining of Dust Control Systems Ltd. to the association shows the company's commitment to the promotion of renewable energy and the development of future energy solutions.


"DCS sees the mutual cooperation opportunities of Hydrogen Valley's business members as particularly useful," CEO Tapani Stipa says. "Close cooperation between companies and the public sector is necessary to realize the investments required by future energy solutions, in a way that the Hydrogen Valley provides."

More information:

CEO Tapani Stipa, tel. +358 (0)44 730 8102


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